Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Photo from forgetful day

These are the frayed fabric postcards I finished and posted the other day, which I forgot to take a photo of in their finished state (these are the three extras, which are now finished). Not that the photo really shows the difference between these and the initial stages - but there are beads nestled in some of the little gaps and of course, they have been edged. I should really go take a closeup and stop being lazy. Hang on.

Oh, and lucky you, you get my fingers as well - but it was the only way I could show the "hidden" beads as the idea was to nestle them in some of the gaps. So there you go.

1 comment:

Helen in the UK said...

Love what you've done with these postcards, especially with the hidden beads. I may 'borrow' something similar but simplified for a swap I have coming up! Isn't sharing ideas great :)