Saturday, October 11, 2014

Scrap genesis

I was asked recently how I happen to have so many scraps to work with - sometimes, I am given small bits of fabric, so that's one reason my scraps seem to proliferate. But also, other projects I work on do generate a lot of scraps. I have a lot of small pieces of fabric - between FQ and half metre size - and when I make projects which aren't totally scrappy, I tend to use those pieces. Sometimes, I am left with a large enough size piece to put back in my boxes, but sometimes, all that's left is a 3" strip or so. And maybe a few offcuts - hence, the scraps. 

Today, I decided to do something with stripes and black fabric - just feeling in that kind of mood.  Here's my small stash of scrap fabrics (above) before I've done much cutting (I had cut a couple of things at that point, because I didn't think to take a photo at the very beginning).

And here's the collection again afterwards - you can see there's a little bit less, though there's still a fair amount there, as I was only cutting a few strips from 10 different stripes. I did manage to remove 3 small pieces (I think) entirely from the box, though - there wasn't enough left to go back in. 

And here are the piles of what was left after I finished cutting (there may be some more black scraps, as I haven't finished cutting all the black yet - I'm doing it as I go along). The pile on the left will go in the scrap basket. The middle pile will go in the scrap bag and the pile on the right will go in the bin.   Tomorrow, perhaps I'll show the blocks I am making!


Needled Mom said...

It alll looks so organized.

Dolores said...

I like the fact that you have quite a variety of stripes to use.

Marei said...

I always tell people that scraps are from the Old Testament....scraps begat scraps that begat scraps, etc, etc.

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Some lovely scraps!!!!