Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Autumn postcards

With the change in weather, I decided it was about time for a change in postcards - they were very springlike, which no longer seemed appropriate, so I have swapped them all for more autumnal things.

I tend to change them around about 4 or 5 times a year - I do an autumnal collection, which stays up until seasonal ones (Christmas & winter mixed) - after New Year's the Christmas ones come down, to be replaced by more non-Christmas wintery ones. Some time in spring I change to spring flowers, and then sometimes a summer display. I always tell myself that one year I am going to put up a set of "just because I like them" cards or do a colour theme or...  the problem, as with most things, is time.  It's easy to do a seasonal display, as I just grab all the cards in that theme, and slot them up - takes about 10 minutes.  Maybe this year will be the year for a random but fun display, perhaps sometime in January when I am bored of winter but it's not yet time for Spring!

Anyway, here are a few to admire. The gourd was made by Melinda for a swap with the group Arts in the Mail. The other three are from various BQL (British Quilting List) Postcard Group swaps, made by Sheila, Kandy and Sue, in that order:


Shasta Matova said...

This looks wonderful Kate! Definitely a treasure.

Angela said...

I think I see one of mine in there. I have lots of fond memories of making postcards for swaps, my sewing machine has been packed away and unused for the last 2 years. I need to find my forever home with some proper craft space so I can get it out again :( x