Friday, October 24, 2014

ATC Friday

A couple of different Food themed ATCs which came to me in the round robin - both slightly humourous - and both a little tricky to think what to do with. These little cereal ones had me stumped for a while, and then I decided to add words (what I often do, when in doubt) - "tasty" seemed like a good word, so I cut the letters out of cheap rubbers (erasers) - and recut the S when I realised I'd cut it backwards - the others are all symmetrical, of course! I really like the effect - now what else can I stamp "tasty" on... (or sty? tat? stat? ats?) The teapot was added by the third player.

Here's how they came to me...

...and how they left.

This one came to me with the cupcakes on it - and again, not really sure what direction to go in, so I went for "yum". I love letters and lettering and use them a lot on cards, so it was a natural choice for me. The cat was added by the third player.

Here's how they came to me, and (below) how they left...

And finally, something different - an altered playing card with a house theme. 

They came to me like this, and I added the row of punched out paperdoll style girls before passing them on...

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