Friday, January 17, 2014

Some more finished round robin cards

This one (which unfortunately arrived with a broken button, which I will try to find a match for in my stash) is really good fun - the card started with just the background and pocket, which are both paper. I added the metal charm on a ribbon and the third player added the buttons.

Here's another card progression - the background arrived to me - a torn edged piece of paper printed with sheet music, mounted on a black card. 

I added some birds, punched out of music, to go with the theme. And I like birds.

And here it is, finished off!

This one, I'll deconstruct - above is the finished item. 

Here's what it looked like when I finished

And here's how it was when I received it - definitely fun to watch them change...

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Needled Mom said...

Oh how fun! I love the pocket one.