Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Free to a good home...or several

no 1: Green and Purple Log Cabin, approx 45" square

As anyone who reads here regularly knows, I make a lot of quilt tops, which I give away to charity, mostly Project Linus. But I don't really want to quilt them first because I'm lazy busy and what really relaxes me is piecing, not quilting so much. The quilting I save for gifts for friends, etc.

Anyway, the main person I regularly send tops to has a bit of a backlog at the moment (not even counting the 7 or 8 tops I have waiting at home for her - not these pictured here!), so I decided it was time to give some of the other tops away elsewhere.  And that's here.

Here are the "rules" of this giveaway.  Anyone, anywhere in the world, may leave a comment asking for one of the tops as long as you intend to use it for charitable purposes.  I don't really mind what charity or how you intend to use it (i.e. quilt it up and give it to a hospital, hospice, nursing home, disaster recovery centre, shelter, whatever; quilt it up and raffle it off for a school, scouts, organisation; sell or raffle the top itself; and so on) - as long as the top is being used for a good cause of some sort - any sort - I don't mind.

I will post the tops out anywhere in the world; you do not need to reimburse me for postage (though if you want to, that's ok, too).  However, it's possible that if more than one person wants a certain top, I may favour UK residents or those who want to make a postage contribution (just depends on who wants these, and where they are). 

So, if you are interested in one (or more) of the tops for your cause, leave a comment, and in a few weeks' time, I'll sort out some recipients, as fairly as I can.  Please feel free to let anyone who you think might be interested, know about this giveaway (and I'll certainly do more of them through the year - though probably only one or two a month, not 8 - I've been accumulating for a while!) 

I've numbered the quilts and put a size (all sizes in inches and  approx - I was measuring quickly on the floor and didn't feel like crawling around all afternoon) and description, for convenience...  Oh, and if you do get a top and finish it off, I'd love to see a photo (though it's not a requirement!)

no 2 - Strippy scrap quilt with polka dot border, approx 43x55"

no 3 - Neutral Background with strips I - approx 36x44

no 4 - Neutral Background with strips II - approx 36x44

no 5 - Crumbs in a square, approx 42" square

no 6 - string log cabin with oriental border, approx 44x52"

no 7 - string log cabins with broccoli border, approx 44" square

no 8 - baby blue rectangles - approx 30x33"


rlbates said...

I love all of them and would be happy to quilt one or more.

Marei said...

Hi Kate....95% of the quilts I make are for donation through the guilds I belong to. #1, #5 & #7 fit the guild size requirements so I would be happy to take one or more of these off your hands, and reimburse for postage with pleasure.

Dolores said...

Kate, you are a whiz at making things - not just quilt tops. I have been following you for quite a while now and am amazed at how much you accomplish. I would be happy with any of them although the first one caught my eye right away. My two friends and I make, and hand quilt, quilts for charities to raffle off. At the moment we are quilting a full sized one for a church raffle and this would make a great second prize. Thank you for offering them.

Winter Wanderings said...

I too love your work and am impressed at the quantity & quality (something I always am aspiring to!). I'm happy to help out with the postage and will be finishing these off for one of the many local charities that my quilt quild gifts with quilts. My favorites are the "crumb" series, but all are enticing in one way or another. Cool give-away too!

Lynne said...

That's very generous of you. I hope people jump at the chance to have one of your quilt tops. Like you, I prefer the piecing and making of tops, the quilting is not always fun!

Greta said...

OMG what a generous offer, I am very new to quilting, though not to sewing, (I find it hard to get to grips with the cutting) I would be thrilled to give one of your quilts a home, I would be happy to help with the postage, I make sewing 'bits' and give the proceeds to the local Cat charties near me, so at least you will know where the proceeds of any sale (if I could bear to part with it goes)! I love all of them and would just be thrilled to be considered.