Friday, September 27, 2013

PAT (Pick-a-theme) cards

This is a different kind of ATC swap from many that I do - in this type, each person in your group says what theme they'd like to receive an ATC about. Often there can be "easy theme" groups and "difficult theme" groups. This was an easy group, open media (some are hand drawn only, for instance, or collage only).   First theme: Dr Who. 

Found poetry (one of my favourite themes to do, anyway)

Oriental (unspecified) - I think I ended up mixing Chinese and Japanese, as it happens.

Theme for this last one was "friends" .

The theme I chose was "dragonflies" so I should (in time) get 4 dragonfly cards back in the post. Yippee!


ruthsplace said...

I really like the Dr Who one.

Needled Mom said...

That sounds like fun. The ATCs look wonderful.

Angela said...

Love the dr Who card, I went to the Dr Who experience in Cardiff and loved it .... big kid that I am :)