Sunday, September 22, 2013

A few bits and pieces

A trip to Kingston today to shop (mainly) for birthday presents for Sarah (turning 16 on Friday) - but of course, a little time to check out any other incidental crafty things I might happen across - all these bits are from a shop called Tiger, which has lots of cool, unncessary stuff - a couple of rolls of tape, some scrap paper, some phone jewels (not for my phone, of course) and the tissue used to wrap a couple of spice jars I also picked up.  All this lot together cost me £3...  The tissue, I was particularly taken by, though I can't imagine I'll ever use 5 sheets of it!


Lyndsey said...

I can't resist going into Tiger when I'm in Kingston. They have so many items that can be used in various crafts and they are cheap to buy.

anne bebbington said...

We discovered this shop when in Eindhoven on holiday this summer - they have such fun stock and so reasonably priced - we couldn't resist the clock with different coloured cutlery round it (among other things)