Sunday, May 12, 2013

Textured Tree ATCs

No proper sewing today (although I did use my machine) as I had some ATC committments to fulfil - first on the cards (so to speak), a set of ATCs to the theme "textured trees".

I started with this textured blue paper and some brown linen fabric from an old pair of trousers. 

I couched the fabric (rolled up) onto the paper, to make the trunk. 

Then I added a little more fibre to the main part of the trunk.  After some experimentation, I decided to go with a variety of green leaves in paper, card and foil,  

stitched on in 2's and 3's. 

And finally, after sewing the cards to a backing (they were quite floppy at this point) I spritzed them with sparkly paint stuff (see top photo). They're fun, but I actually think I liked them best when they were just bare trunks!

I also added something to three different round robins of cards and made three sets of backs to send off to start new round robin cards. Perhaps that's what I'll show tomorrow!

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Lynne said...

Very nice indeed!