Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cross-stitch update

A finish!  The sampler is done - it was fairly quick to stitch - I think the most time was spent working out how to space the letters of my name...

It was nearly done, anyway - you can see where it finished last time.

The next project in this week of the rotation is this little house, part of a seasonal sampler - I've done the Autumn and Winter ones, and now just have the Spring and Summer ones.  I actually have several new cross-stitch pieces waiting for me - the next bird in The Flock (the birds on the pink fabric) has arrived, and some parts to a new series I've signed up to; I'll show them later, perhaps tomorrow. 

Here's what the Spring Sampler will look like once finished. 

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Needled Mom said...

They look fabulous. That Spring is going to be so cute with the flowers.