Friday, April 26, 2013


And, as I am winding up (and as I don't have a lot of stuff hanging around to show as I haven't done a lot of work lately) I thought I'd finish off the alphabet series of ATCs.  You may have worked out that 26 is not divisible by 3, and we've been swapping in 3s - so our last set is y & z - that's including a card which says "and" or has some sort of and symbol on it (ampersand, plus, etc).   So I have a Yellow Y card

my "and" is some famous pairs

and Z, well, fairly obvious, except for the green stripes in the background, perhaps!

And that's the end of my alphabet. Perhaps I will get my act together and scan the alphabet I received, so you can all enjoy that one...


ruthsplace said...

I really enjoyed looking at these. Love the zebras ATC most I think.

Lynne said...

Lovely ATCs. I look forward to seeing what you received! ;-)