Sunday, May 13, 2012

More work on the batik quilt

I added three borders today, all mitred. The first was the sort of stripy fabric in browns with a little purple and orange in it (doesn't show much in this photo). 

The second is a narrow orange border, really kind of rust coloured, with trees, though they don't show much in this narrow of a strip.  I plan to use this fabric again as the very outside border.

And finally, another border of the original stripe.

Next step, I have decided, is a border of framed four patch blocks, using some light batiks like the ones in the centre, crossing the green blocks, and a variety of miscellaneous batiks with them. Then there will be two solid borders and that's that.  Of course, first I have to do those framed four patches - I need 32 of them.  But that's a job for another day!


Janette said...

I love them and looking forward to some more. I love doing this type of quilt and watching it grow.

Anne said...

It's looking good Kate. May you never run out of scraps :0).

Angela said...

I just love how this is turning out

Ellice said...

That will be a very interesting quilt when it is finished, can't wait to see it (c;

The Patchwork Rabbit said...

I can't wait to see this with the next border. I just love batiks.