Thursday, May 03, 2012

Block sets

I was recently congratulating myself on having used up (or given away) all the sets of blocks I had accumulated over the years from swapping - and this is true, I have!  However, this does not mean I'm without sets of blocks which want to be assembled into quilt tops.  Thought I'd share them with you - lucky you.  These ones above are little - 3.5" - and will probably end up being bordered with something before being used. There are only 16, so they definitely need more happening to them before they can make even a small quilt top.  They were an ender and leader project from a stack of brown squares I had in my scraps. 

These are the 8"  scrappy log cabins I've been making this year to get rid of strings/strips.  I'm sort of not counting these because they are a work in progress, though I do intend to use some up as I go along.  At the moment, there are 91 of them.  I might make some in a smaller size as well - perhaps 6". 

Here are 20, 7" framed four patches - the four patches in the centres were made from blue 2" squares from my huge box of 2" squares; the blue and taupe borders were from FQ or smaller pieces. This will probably be the next thing I use as an ender/leader project - putting these into a top. 

Don't even ask why I had so many of these HST units with the batik stripes - I couldn't tell you. There are getting to be progressively fewer as the months go past and someday, I may even use them all up. At the moment, there are 5 light blue, 19 purple and 38 dark blue. They are 7" blocks.

These are another fairly new addition - 15 of the plaid hot crossed nine patch blocks. I made 9 for the block lotto in April; these were what I could make with the rest of the plaid fabric in my stash (admittedly not much - I'm not a big hoarder of plaids).  Again, they simply need to be pieced into a top and will be done soon.

These are 30,  7" blocks I made today using some of my 4" crumb blocks and some pink and orange hand dyes, where I had small, not particularly useful pieces. Not sure how I will lay them out yet.

These are the last of the 4" crumb blocks I made for using small scraps in the past - there are 21 of them, apparently. They are small, so something will probably happen to them - borders, sashing, something.

This is the last of the string hearts from last year's scrapbusting - there are 19 of them in mostly brown, black and green.   They are lurking because I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with them.  19 is an awkward number.

...and finally, another thing I did today - I took 20 of the log cabins and bordered them with (different) more or less solid hand-dyes - again, using up some smaller, less useful pieces in my stash. These blocks will create a very different quilt top than the ones with the log cabins simply put together side by side - I have a photo of a top done that way which I have yet to blog - soon!


anne bebbington said...

19 is an odd number but you could arrange them with borders/sashing in a neutral fabric as a 3 x 3 nine patch arrangement in the middle with two panels of 5 lengthwise one down each side with the central 3 matching the nine patch arrangement and then a plain panel across the top between the top of both 5 strips and another at the bottom the same - this would give you a couple of nice clear areas for either the dreaded 'A' word, some specimen quilting or to insert something to compliment the blocks like a row of piano keys - this will give you a nice square quilt top - hope this is clearer than mud!!!

Lynne said...

You certainly have enough there to keep you going for a while! No wonder you seem to churn out the flimsies!