Friday, October 28, 2011

Still more swap quilts...

Another series of swaps I was involved in was the Miniature Booty Swaps, organised by Toni, a while back. I did three rounds of this swap - the second round gave me the above quilt, which was made by Julie. That's the round for which I made one of my favourite quilts I've ever made for a swap, The Manhole Cover Quilt.

In the first round, my quilt was made by Ann in France and I actually made a quilt for the hostess - with lots of tiny pieces.

The third round of the swap was a special holiday edition, for which I made and received quilts in the blue/silver/white range of Christmas rather than the red/green range. I don't, for obvious reasons, have my quilt on show at the moment, but it's over here - and actually, was made by Toni, so there's a certain satisfying circularity to that! The one I made was a little slow reaching its destination, but luckily, did get there in the end.

I also have a number of small quilts which were the results of individual trades - and of course, there are even some hanging which I have made myself, believe it or not!

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Lynne said...

This tour is fun - a mini-quilt exhibition without leaving my chair!