Thursday, October 27, 2011

ALQS swap quilts

Another in my series of posts about the quilts I own from swaps I have taken part in. These are all the quilts I have as a result of my own swap series, Another Little Quilt Swap. The quilt above is from the first round of the swap, though I actually didn't receive it until much later - it was made by Sophie and it hangs on my bedroom door (the outside - the side that faces into the hallway). The quilt that I made for this swap can be seen here. This swap was run in a different way to my recent rounds of the ALQS - for this round (and round 2) partners were assigned in advance so you knew who your partner would be and knew a little about their tastes (you didn't know who was making a quilt FOR you, though).

This pieces, which is one of three, is what I received in round 2 of the ALQS. My partner got a little carried away. Which is fine with me, as I adore them. They are hard to photograph, as they hang in my stairwell, but the original posting I did when I received them shows them in somewhat better light... These were made by Lynda and have travelled the world to be on display before they came to live with me. They're famous!

The quilt I made for my own partner in this swap was something a little smaller and simpler, though she did like it - it can be seen over here - the purple and lime green piece at the bottom of the post.

For the third round, I changed the way the structure worked. Because I had a number of problems in the second round with people not finishing quilts when they were meant to and other issues, I decided to take a leaf out of the book of a group I used to belong to called QuiltSwap, where you had to submit pictures of your finished work to a gallery and only once you had shown a finished quilt were you eligible to choose one for yourself. This has a twofold advantage - no one is left without a quilt if they have made one themself, also the quilt you receive is generally to your taste as you have put it on a list of quilts you wouldn't mind owning!

This quilt above, which was made by the lovely Lisa in Australia, came to live with me, and hangs on the back of the door to my small toilet room (this room has quilts all over the walls). The quilt I made for round 3 was a bit more modern in style and can be seen on the ALQS blog, here.

In round 4, I managed to have time to make two quilts, which means I received two quilts in return. This one from Joan also hangs in my toilet room, while the other, from Jessica, hangs on the outside of the door to that room. My two quilts for this swap can be seen here and here.

In the 5th round of the swap, things were a little different in that we made journal sized quilts - A4 (piece of copier paper sized). Again, I managed to make two quilts for the swap, a wholecloth piece made from a piece of complex cloth and a modern looking, pieced quilt.

In return I received this lovely tree from Vreni in Singapore, which hangs in my dining room,

and this simple but highly effective piece from Peggy, which is in my sewing room with most of my very small swap quilts.

And the current round - round 6 - although I haven't yet received my quilt, it's on the way, and I know it will be this one. The quilt I made is of course the brightly coloured shapes on black squares I've been working on recently.

You can see why I keep hosting these things - look at all the treasures I've received over the years!


Needled Mom said...

Yes, I can definitely see why you continue. The quilts made and received are just gorgeous!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

How wonderful to have a gallery of such beautiful work!

Lynne said...

You live in an art gallery! How lovely!