Monday, October 31, 2011

Skinny quilts

These two quilts are ones I swapped with the yahoo group British Quilting List (BQL) as part of the Skinny Challenge in 2011. I only took part in two of the months of the swap as I have been so busy (and also, I have a lot of quilts already). All the shapes for this year's swap are skinny (rather than square) and I'm very pleased with the two quilts I did acquire in the swap, even if I haven't managed any subsequent months. The two quilts I made for the challenge are here and here.


Lynne said...

They are both interesting but I think I prefer the top one. It had nver occured to be before that anyone would decorate their home with quilts - thanks for showing me something new and interesting!

mumzy said...

Cute quilts and very different.