Monday, February 15, 2010

Spring! (I wish)

After a nice, leisurely start to the morning (I didn't get up that late, but I did spend a lot of time doing nothing, which was lovely), Alex and I had a trip to New Malden to do a few errands - Sarah not being home from her sleepover yet and Olivia choosing to stay home and sleep and/or use computer while still in pyjamas - and one of them was popping into our little local department store which has a Tardis* type haberdashery department. They don't have much fabric, but they do have what I needed, which was a couple of metres of black cotton - I am totally out of black, except scraps, and I use it in a lot of things, so I like to keep it on hand. It's not quite as nice quality as some quilting cotton, but it is 100 per cent cotton, it's less than 2 miles from my house, and it's £3/metre. 'Nuff said. Of course, in true Kate fashion, I have gone in for 2 metres of black cotton and come out with 2 metres of black cotton, 5 sheets of velum & other fancy paper, a small pack of designer paper, and two packs of brads (which were on sale).

After the errands I did come home and do some sewing (well, technically, I had lunch first, but whose counting). I put a binding on a little art quilt which I'll show later, once the binding is sewn down and then decided to work on something for a spring themed swap I am in.

This piece is another excellent example of one of the reasons I follow along with Sophie's Block Lotto - yes, it's fun to have the chance to win a lot of blocks with only making a few, but another great thing I often get from it is exposure to blocks I'd not normally make - or in this case, techniques I haven't tried before. The February lotto uses pieced words a la Tonya of Lazy Gal Quilting, and I'd never tried them before, although I've seen them lots of times. I made a few with a Valentine theme in anticipation of the lotto, which gave me a bit of a feel for the technique. So, when it came time to do a spring themed whatever, it suddenly occurred to me that I could piece the word "spring" as a starting point. Before I had done those blocks, I probably wouldn't have thought of it. And even if I had thought of it, I probably wouldn't have done it as it would have meant taking time to learn the technique and today I just wanted to get right into what I was doing.

So, anyway, I have pieced "spring" in different florals on a neutral floral background and then quilted in my favourite (for small pieces - this one is 10x22") clamshell quilting with a variegated thread. I have plans to embellish the piece with flower faces (not the big fat felt ones, though, as they are the wrong colourway) - more on this soon, I hope.

*For those who may not follow Dr Who and hence not have a clue what a Tardis is, the important characteristic is that it's much bigger on the inside than it is on the outside.


Gail said...

"Spring" is very pretty. We are much in need of some here!Glad you explained about the shop I'd never figured that one out!

Clare said...

Wow - Tonya's letters! Are we going to see some more?

Kathy said...

Nice block. I like the spring fabrics, especially, because we need some spring here! Yesterday's snow melted as it fell, but we still have huge piles of snow, everywhere.