Friday, June 07, 2013

More organising

A few days back, I showed a sort out of some paper drawers - well, I have now really completed the job and gone through all my drawers which hold paper and card, very thoroughly.   They are now sorted to within an inch of their lives - hopefully I can keep them this way!

The drawer at the top has card and greeting cards and playing cards in it; also some ATC sized backgrounds I have either cut, made or swapped.   This drawer has thinggs like postage stamps, words & phrases, etc., each in an appropriate envelope. 

Here I have a drawer with stickers, stick-on gems, transparencies, transfers, and anything else which isn't strictly paper but still falls under the general "paper" umbrella.

This one has printed pictures and cut outs, image sheets, etc.

And this one now has paper and card in all sizes, not just the larger pieces, which is what it had before. The smaller pieces and off-cuts are in envelopes to the side.  

This really does make it much faster to find what you need for making ATCs and other things, but keeping it organised can be a real pain. 


Sharon W. said...

"Organized people are just too lazy to search for things." My efforts at organizing always revert to a sort of "creative soup", similar to your scrap basket. Keep us posted on how long it takes you to "make soup"!!!

Julie said...

Impressive organising! Fancy a trip to Linconshire?

Plum Cox said...

Well done! I feel that I lack application in the tidying stakes - or maybe that I'm too worried that what I take off the shelves won't fit back on again! Your organised drawers look great.