Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fabric buying

As those of you who read this blog regularly will know, I try to limit my fabric buying to a few times a year - e.g. the sale at Farnham Maltings or a trip to a quilt show, though of course I occasionally see bargains I can't resist. I've been sewing from stash quite a bit in the past few years, which is great, but what it does mean is that I've really depleted my stash in some areas, especially because I play the block lotto, which requires specific fabrics - a wide variety of different fabrics and often with a lot of leeway, which is great for using up small bits of stash - but what I've depleted in my own stash is the sorts of fabrics we tend to use for backgrounds - like white, cream, white-on-white and so forth. So I've caved in and ordered a few FQs of white-on-white fabric - not the most exciting thing to show, but I'm happy to see it in the post, as it means I can try to make a few blocks for the June block lotto, which is lovely blue boats on a white background (and vice versa). Maybe this weekend!

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Unknown said...

I go through neutral backgrounds like a hot knife through butter too - always topping them up from one source or another