Monday, December 08, 2008

Nice post

I did do a little sewing today - quilted a bit more in the border of Angela's quilt - but I have much more exciting things to show. First - my ornaments from Beate's International Ornament Swap. These lovely five ornaments came to live here today - the holly is from Eliane, the cream coloured angel is from Beate herself and the square ornament at the top right is from Maureen. The other two, I'm not sure yet who made them, but I love them anyway.

And also in the post, two purchases - some bits and pieces from AlphaStamps, including some images needed for an ATC swap I am doing in January and some fabrics from eQuilter. I decided that for the next year I will drop my Japanese fabric club (I have lots of pieces now and really need to do something with them) and do one of eQuilter's clubs - this one is called Creative Juices and should be full of interesting fabrics - some modern, some funky and so on. This initial selection is quite good - I have a real shortage of oranges at the moment, so it's most welcome!


Anonymous said...

The "choir girl" on the bottom right is mine. Looking forward to getting mine in the mail. Terry

Shasta Matova said...

The ornaments are pretty. That is a nice selection of oranges. For a while there I wasn't buying any oranges - but now I am drawn to them.

Anonymous said...

Love the fabrics Kate, it'll be interesting to see what you come up with.