Saturday, December 20, 2008

Advent - Day 20; bird ornament

Today I chose the Christmas lightbulbs for the calendar - last night we went around to see some friends who live in a road which is very good for lights - I didn't bother to take photos as it never really shows that well anyway, but as it was fairly mild out we were able to have a nice walk and see all the lights, and of course a lovely visit with our friends.
Here's something else to show as well - my ornament from a swap on FAT (Fibre Art Traders) - isn't it cute? Lovely flowers on one side with leaves and the year on the other - made by Suzan M - thanks!
I did do a little work today - about 1/4 of a paper pieced block for the birthday swap, as well as printing the patterns and selecting fabric for another NYB block, also for that swap as a make-up block. But I am coming down with a cold and feel very tired today and couldn't focus, so gave up sooner than expected. Perhaps tomorrow I will get a bit more done...

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Ruth's Place said...

Gorgeous bird!