Thursday, December 18, 2008

Giveaway blocks - the results

Thanks to everyone for their interest in my lonely, unwanted blocks! I had a huge response, and wish I could send things to everyone, but even I don't have that many unwanted blocks...

Anyway, here's how I've decided to parcel them out - some of this is by sheer chance (drawing a name); a few are using other criteria. I think they will all be going to good homes, and that's what's important. I'll contact you all individually about postage (or whatever we work out). It always amazes me in situations like this how the distribution works - you think you might end up with everyone wanting one set and no one wanting another, but it didn't work like that - it was fairly split down the middle. Anyway.

These String Squares on the left above will be going to Colorado to live in a log cabin with LisaJo - that's really appropriate in many ways - I think they're very suitable for log cabin living.

The Jacob's Ladder blocks will go to Margaret in Maine, who will turn them into one or more charity quilts.

The baskets will fly off to France to live with Ann, who offered me a mini quilt in exchange in lieu of postage - now there's an offer I couldn't refuse!

And the 16 patch blocks will go to Karol-Ann's house in Yorkshire, where they will meet up with some other orphaned blocks from the same swap and be made into something with their bretheren. They may travel there with some rather well worn but still cute skeleton pyjamas, in a small boy size, if the interest is still there!

The lonely pineapples will go to Karol-Ann as well, while the friendship stars will travel off to Gina in Wales - not far to go, there!
English Rose has laid claim to the Paths and Stiles blocks, so they'll be heading off to Kuwait to live happily ever after and the little cracker blocks will go to Barbara, which is only fitting as she was one of the other winners of the lotto that month, so she has more cracker blocks at home to keep them company.
Thanks again to everyone for your interest.


Mom said...

Just let me know about the postage...either $usd or perhaps a fabric swap of some variety...maybe I have something in the color you want for the 4SQS5 mono quilt.

mumzy said...

You have done a beautiful job in assigning the blocks to where they should go. I have been away so I had no idea that you had that many blocks to find rooms for.

black bear cabin said...

hurrah! i am thrilled to be receiving the strip blocks...and yes, i think they will look great in our cabin :)
thank you sooo much for your generosity! i would love to send you a little something in there a fabric color or style you have been admiring lately?
let me know!

English Rose said...

woo hoo!!!! happy dancing and lots of smiling going on here. will email you my snail mail address separately, but just wanted to say thank you so much, can't wait to receive them. hope you and your family have a brilliant christmas.

sewkalico said...

Thanks Kate. I am very pleased and yes, of course, a pair of well loved skeleton pyjamas would be welcome here :-)
Thank you.