Monday, July 14, 2008

Nice stuff in the post

Got a nice selection of things in the post today - an ATC from Julie, my July arch from Carol R for the arch swap on Textile Challenges, and a selection of fabrics from the pounded fabric swap on my surface embellishment group...

The fabrics are from (in no particular order) Wil, Judi, Becky, Marijke, Kathleen, Kelly and one of my own (left, second from bottom).
I did also do a little work today, but nothing really worth showing - finished the "S" is for Snail's Trail postcards and got them in the post, and put a label on the second Hawaiian quilt and put that in the post as well. So at least I can tick those off my list!

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trash said...

Am just posting about the thing what I have made with my scraps. Please give me honest feedback, please. Because I am needy. Please?