Monday, July 28, 2008

July Arch

Here's what I did today - my July arch for my year-long swap with the Textile Challenges Group - this one is goig to Alis. As usual, the colour is not quite right, though it's not bad - the main problem is that the bit of lace in the foreground is not really a big grey blob when you see the piece in person! (It's more bluey-silver and silvery-purple.) Anyway, I started this piece with a background salvaged from a project I am not going to finish - it was a piece of hand-dyed fabric in dark pink and turquoise - two colours listed among the preferences, which was fortuitious, I think. The piece was already sandwiched with some vilene and FMQ'ed in dark pink in lots of small circles, so it seemed a good starting place. I then added a small faerie as a central image, with some vines growing up around her, and lots of embellishments, including an earring (the blue wedge at the top with dangly bits) which was among the stuff my mother gathered for me at yard sales in the US. Personally, I can't imagine wearing it as an earring, but it's great as an embellishment. In fact, I have another one to use in a later piece - only the dangles are the other way around, with the large one on the right side. I'm tempted to use the rest of the leftover background fabric for some ATCs, while I have all the right colour embellishments out - we'll see how tomorrow shapes up, I guess.


Alis Clair said...

Ooooh I love it ;0)
Can't wait to see it in person.
The earring works just perfectly doesn't it.

McIrish Annie said...

Catching up with you and of course now I have to catch my breath! You are always sooo busy! Like "forest for the trees" very much..

sorry about your friend totally crappy but the quilt is very lovely.

me.. totally not quilting but spending time in the garden. did finish a baby quilt which I hope to post when i find the confounded wire to the camera! lost again!