Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Some more Round Robins

These round robins are all ones where I've been the final player - two people have already contributed. This usually means that the direction of the card is fairly set, and it's just a final addition or two...  Sometimes, it's quite tricky to think what to add that won't be too much.

These winged girls were already quite complete, I thought, so I've just added some little acrylic dots to bring out the colour in the wings.

These ticket cards, on the other hand, definitely needed a strong third element, so I went with birds (when I doubt, I often go with birds) and some little brads in the corners for a tiny bit of bling.

And finally, the industrial/steampunk cards. They feature metallic tape and rivets (well, not really, but they look like rivets) and interesting machines, so it seemed a perfect chance to use some of my little gears...

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