Thursday, October 10, 2013

Some finished ATCs...

Here are some more round robin cards, which I've had finished versions of, sent back to me. These are all cards where I was the second player - so I have a photo of the starter (background), the card with the addition(s) I made, and the finished card - at least, the one which came back to me. The others will be similar, if not identical.  These cards are the ones with hessian, at the bottom - I didn't have a photo of those starters on their own. 

I added some birds,

and here's the finished card.

These ones came to me with these nice stamped wildflowers.

I added some flowery words and a border along the bottom, 

and the final addition was this stamp. 

And finally, these old ad cards came to me; I added an image within a little border of rusted paper; 

the final addition was this bit of interesting fibre.

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