Monday, January 28, 2013

Project Linus 2012

As those of you who read here regularly know, I like to make blocks and sometimes make them into tops much more than I like to finish quilts.  And I am trying to reduce unnecessary stash & especially scraps. Consequently, I make a lot of small quilt tops which I donate to a Linus coordinator who is a friend of a friend, who is happy to take tops and organise them getting finished into quilts.  I also donate tops & blocks and things to my blog friend Sarah's quilt ministry.  In 2012, I donated 35 or so tops to these causes.  Here's a post showing them!

In 2013, I am to donate at least one quilt top per month to some sort of charitable cause - some months, there may be more, of course. Depends on my sewing time!  And in 2013, for the first time in a while, I am working full time again...







March (I originally made another top in March to donate, but decided to keep it, as I liked it a lot!)




Lynne said...

Ooo, so many beautiful quilt tops!

Sharon W. said...

so slap my mouth for asking, but where the h*#+ are you getting the scraps? Have you produced all the "real" quilts that the scraps blew away from??? Do you have a special formula that you feed wee scraps to produce the lovely stuff you are working with? Come on Kate, confess!!!!!

Naperville Now said...

these are fantastic -- you are a wonderful human being.

Needled Mom said...

What a wonderful collection of quilty goodness! Nice work.

Sarah Craig said...

And we do so appreciate your pretty tops!!! Keep up the good work, Kate!!

Lyndsey said...

Love all your beautiful tops. Keep up the good work. I am also working full time this year for the first time in ages, great for the bank balance but lousy for playing with fabric. I hope you manage to make time to enjoy your quilting

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I think the two quilts in August have to be my favourite! I really want to make one like that apple criss cross one... :o)

Vicki W said...

That is impressive! So cool to see them all together.