Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Cotton Robin

Last year, I took part in Julie's Cotton Robin miniquilt round robin and as I have just posted off my centre block to take part in the 2013 version, it occurs to me that I never got around to blogging about the 2012 one (we obviously weren't allowed to blog at the time, in order to keep it all a surprise).

First off, the block above is what I sent in for my centre last year.  The piece I got back looked like this:

Here's a detail of the dragonfly embellishment in the centre:

I was happy!

The first centre I received to work on myself was this one above, which belonged to Jay.  I decided to add off centre borders to it, as it was already not perfectly centred. I added some curved piecing to go with the swirls in the batik fabric and some red to pull out the red already in the block - and some little circles to go with the big circle. I was pleased with my round, which looked like this:

You can see how the quilt finished up over at Julie's Grand Reveal - scroll down until it jumps out at you.

The next block I received was this one - it's already had one border added to it - the original centre just goes up to the purple bands - you can see it on this page.

With this one, I wanted to use the focus fabric, but add some other colours and texture.  I tried to keep it more balanced and symmetrical, but still a little different. The finished piece, again, can be seen in the Big Reveal.   (There are no more borders, but obviously, it's been quilted.)

And finally, here's the piece I quilted.  You can see the starting block in the main Reveal post, if you are interested. If you enlarge the photo, I think the quilting does show.

I'm really looking forward to this year's Robin - it's just the right size - not too many months of committment and not too big a piece - and I enjoy the challenge of working on pieces which are frequently quite different from what I'd make myself.


Cindy Is Crafty said...

I really love Jay's. the colors are really cool and I like the abstract quality of it.

Lynne said...

Oh wow, I love how yours came back!