Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Cross stitch update

Fairly good progress this week (which is good, because it's going back in the box for next Christmas once again!) - I finished the red dress of the central angel. I also stitched her foot, including backstitch and did a missing colour and the backstitch on the feet of the blue angel. I filled in most of the face of the red angel, and did the holly wreath in her hair. I also finished her wings.   And then, because I couldn't face the green dress just yet, I started working my way down the border on the right hand side. I consider this good progress for one season - and anyway, I wouldn't want to finish it, as I'd miss it next year!


Lynne said...

I smiled at that last sentence! How could you ,is it when, no doubt, it would be hanging where you could see it? LOL

You know I love it and will miss it for the next eleven months!

Needled Mom said...

You did make good progress this Christmas. I will look forward to seeing it next year.