Sunday, July 08, 2012

Some bags

That time of year again - teacher presents. This year is easier, as I only have one child in primary school, and his teacher is a guy (so no bag - we are baking instead). But here's a totebag for the teaching assistant. 

I also made another one for the teacher who I work with - she always brings books to and from school in plastic carrier bags, so she really needs a proper bag. This one has a wider bottom than the other, and short handles, so hopefully it will fit a complete set of numeracy (or literacy) books. 


Sarah Craig said...

Those are so cute, and such a useful and thoughtful gift!!

Lynne said...

The perfect gift for those who need to carry things around - and isn't that most of us?

Kathy said...

The bag with the Japanese? prints is lovely. That teacher is lucky to have you as an aide. Lucky in other ways, too, not just your sewing ability!