Saturday, July 14, 2012


Some semi-scrappy log cabin blocks - scrappy centres with two scrappy rounds and two non-scrappy rounds. Half the blocks have blue, half have cream - there are 16, though at the time of this photo, they weren't quite all trimmed to size. (I didn't worry about the width of the scrap strips, just tried to add a wide one on the second round if the first was narrow, etc, then just trimmed to the size of the smallest block, which was 9".)

I noticed recently that the scrap basket was beginning to fill up again, so during the tennis last week I went through and took out pieces which were square, squareish or easily foldable into a squareish shape for my small scraps boxes (nothing smaller than 2.5".)

That left  me with this pile of squares (etc) to be filed away, which I did. 

And with a stack of strips

and some small scraps in the basket. A few tiny scraps went in the bin, as well. 

So, centres were made from the scraps in the basket, leaving this:

while the strips were reduced, somewhat, to leave this. 

And of course, 16, 9" semi-scrappy log cabin blocks!


Janet said...

I really like the half scrappy log cabins. I can't wait to see what you do with them.

Lynne said...

I love how quilters are all different in the way they sort and use their scraps! And your basket fills up so quickly!

Sarah Craig said...

Woohoo!! Those are really pretty little blocks - you are so creative with your scraps!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I've been descrapping too...I think it is easier to store completed scrappy blocks than bits of fabric :o)