Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cross stitch update

This looks like it's nearly finished, and of course there has been a great deal of progress, but it's only one third of a larger piece, so it's not really close to being done yet. There are only  a few small areas of colour left in the main section to do, but there are the letters along the bottom as well, and then I will carry on to the second part.  Just realised I've done the S in the wrong red, though, so will have to unpick that. Not a lot of unpicking, luckily.

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Lynne said...

Coming along nicely.

I dug out my cross stitch last weekend. First I had to use some steel wool to take the rust off my only tapestry needle (I've ordered some more from my LQS) then I had to figure out where I was up to ( it's been years - literally). I've put in a few hours but it doesn't look like it! And I've learnt that my eyesight is nowhere near as good as it used to be (even when im working in bright sunlight!) In fact, I think I need to buy a magnifier that hangs around my neck and sits on my chest!