Wednesday, July 25, 2012

American Museum in Bath

A few quilts from the collection at the American Museum in Bath, where we are visiting. The quilts are all behind glass, which of course is very sensible, but it means they don't photograph as well.  Sarah was impressed with how modern this school house block quilt looked.

I'm always a fan of log cabins.

This is a block I might well consider making.

Another log cabin - pineapple style this time.

And this one was in the other part of the textile collection - lots of rugs and Navajo textiles. This is a penny rug - made from wool and felt circles - wish I had a better photo as it's amazing.


Lyndsey said...

They occasional have special quilt exhibitions. Went to one in 2010/11 with lots of wonderful quilts. Some were behind glass but a lot weren't. It difficult to believe they are so old they look really good.

Lynne said...

What an interesting place to visit! Must add it to my list for 2017!

Sue Wild said...

It's a lovely place, I've been there three times and not just for the quilts either. I really like the atmosphere of the place and tea on the lawn is just wonderful with the views across the valley.