Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stickers and more

That was the theme of a swap I took part in a little while back - many swaps ask for one not to use stickers, or at least not to use them as a focus, which I understand, as a sticker stuck on a background is not a very thrilling card. This swap, however, was a chance to use some stickers - I've gone with a sort of Far East Theme. My friend Ruth in South Africa kindly sent me some pages from a book she was deconstructing, which featured old maps of China. I used these as background to the cards, along with some oriental paper, stamps featuring airships of various sorts (Korean and Vietnamese when I had them, but a few others, too), and the Chinese vase stickers. I finished off with some flower stickers. There were 5 cards - four for the swap, and one went back to Ruth as a thank you!

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Ruth's Place said...

The one you sent me is sitting on my desk next to my work computer so I can admire it frequently!