Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My mother's quilt

While my mother has been visiting, I've been helping her put together some blocks for a quilt - she really liked this oriental fabric we found in a shop we went to on our visit this summer, and wanted to make something with it. We started with simple squares, though at a later stage, we did trim them at a slant, which is why some of them look like they aren't square - they aren't. She also wanted a random design rather than something more regimented. Next step is to get it sandwiched up - not sure how she's going to quilt it yet (not by hand, but otherwise, it's a bit up in the air).

I did lots of sewing as well, but I can't show it, as it was all stuff related to the next month's block lotto, which is a secret until March, unless you had the sneak peek, like I did, of course!

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Susan Briscoe said...

Lovely use of the fabics - shows them off beautifully.