Friday, February 25, 2011

Bye Bye, a few tops

I'm having another good clear out and am sending some quilts off to quilty friends and acquaintences who make things for charity. This one, from Spring of 2006, originated in a block swap in neutral colours on the Scrap Quilt Forum on Delphi forums. I've donated it to Ali, whose group is going to finish it up and use it to fundraise for the Princess Alice Hospice. Whether they will raffle it or auction it is not yet known, but either way, it should be able to raise a little money. And I was probably never going to finish it anyway.

These two small tops, one from my recent blue scrap destashing and one which I made from some strips of fabric which came in with my Christmas Booty Quilt (2008) from Toni as part of the packaging (plus 4 strips of an Amy Butler fabric which is not the same range, but just about matches enough to work). The problem with this top after finishing it was that at 24" square, it was too small for a baby quilt but too big for a mini-quilt, so I wasn't quite sure what to do with it. So I sent it, along with the snowball top, to Mary, whose group makes quilts for a number of charitable causes, including privacy quilts for a NICU unit - so the small size is fine.

In future, I will probably continue to make small quilt tops, especially scrappy ones, which will go to charity, but I do hope to get to a point where if I make a larger top, I manage to find something to do with it myself! There will be more quilts going off to new charity projects, but I haven't sent them along yet - I will blog them when I do, though.

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mumzy said...

Lovely quilt tops. Nice gesture on your part to give them to charity.