Sunday, December 20, 2009

Homespun Christmas

Wow - two days in a row with sewing time - must be the holidays, LOL. I decided today to use a bit of the fabric I got yesterday to make some little blocks - I pulled out the red and green homespuns (and left the black ones for now) and a few more Christmassy centres, and have made 16, 6 inch blocks. I was originally going to make them into a little mini quilt, but actually, I think I might make some more and work up a tree-skirt with them. Our friends who we visited on Friday always have a nice tree, but don't have a skirt to go around the base (that's a bit more of an American thing, I think) - I reckon that would be a good Christmas present for next year - and who knows, if I start now, I might actually get it done by then... Just need to work out how many 6 inch blocks I need for a tree skirt - I have a feeling it will be a lot! (Seriously, maybe 8x8 would do it? They are 6" unfinished, so that would give a 44" square piece. I should get my skirt out and measure it, but it's under the tree, covered with presents, so it's not exactly convenient!)


Melissa ;-) said...

I really like your fabrics. 8x8 might work. I think standard is like 52 inches round (I was just looking at them in the store). So if you want to be super sure, then I'd suggest 9x9.

sophie said...

I love these . . . and as you can imagine, when I saw them, I immediately though that they'd make great blocks for the lotto ;-)

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Lovely homespuns!!

I think you are right ..the whole tree skirt is an American/Canadian DH doesn't understand why I made a quilt and then cut a whole in it to put on the floor...and not one English visitor has commented...they must think I'm a messy house keeper keeping my quilts on the floor!

Anyway the one I made which was square (I couldn't be bothered to work out the measurements for a round one) is about 50"ish and I'd say it was a bit big. so one at 45"ish would probably do it.

sewkalico said...

Lovely blocks!