Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wednesday Dye-in: CCRR

The other thing I did today (other than the turtle cards - see post below this one) was to work on Kelly's CCRR (complex cloth round robin), step three. Here's what the piece looked like when I got it (left) - more or less, as the colour is slightly off in this photo, it being more orange, while the piece was a little more salmon coloured. It was highly textured, Alice having messed with it a lot. :) And what it looked like when I finished (right) though it's not dry yet at the point of this photo, so might be a bit lighter in the end.

After some time, and a lot of red herrings, the piece finally decided it just wanted to be brightly coloured. It thought it would make a good paint rag, so I decided to do a couple of parfait style pieces, using the CCRR piece to actually apply the paint (or in this case, dye) to the other fabric.

Here's my fabric in the tray, and here's a not very good photo of me using the CCRR to apply paint to the fabric. If you ever want a challenge, attempt to use your left hand to photograph something you are doing with your right hand. There was another piece of cloth also being painted, which was spread out on an old plastic bag at the side. I had a number of aging dyes which I decided to use up, so applied in turn a yellow, magenta, turquoise, and I think charcoal grey, but could be wrong.

When I finished painting the piece that was on the bag, there were a number of droplets of dye left on the bag, so I used the CCRR to wipe them up. And then I balled up all three pieces and left them to batch for a while.

The end result for the CCRR is at the top, here are the other two pieces. Nothing too exciting, just some nice parfait style pieces, and a funky CCRR, which poor Marijke now has to do something with! I'm sure she'll manage just fine - she's very talented...


Susan D said...

You've got some lovely colours and effects on your dyed fabrics. I've not tried using dyes to colour fabrics yet but look forward to trying it soon, it looks fun.

Bimbimbie said...

good work with the left hand photography and the dyed fabrics look wonderfully alive with colour *!*