Friday, May 25, 2007

Not much sewing due to "forts day"

Nope, not some obscure British Empire related Holiday - my DS (age 4+) can't quite manage a lot of sounds that start with s & another consonant. In this case, the other consonant being a "p", making the day (those of you who are clever will have worked this out already) "sports day". At school. All three kids doing running, jumping, carrying eggs on spoons, and what have you. The littles did theirs in the morning, then I went to lunch with Alex and a friend who also had kids in both am & pm and came back to watch the girls. Great weather, which was good. It was fun, but of course resulted in little work being done. Though I did manage to get to the bank to pay in the cheque for the blue and white Irish Chain, which did make me happy. I like money :)

I did actually do a little quilting on the postcard hanging this morning as Alex didn't have to be at school until 9.30 (rather than 9) so once the girls left at the usual time (8.30) with Lana (who didn't have to go to the morning sports day) he watched telly for half an hour while I tackled the postcard holder. I am just quilting straight lines in the sashing - not in the ditch, just where I feel like it, mostly following the sashing but not in every bit and not necessarily evenly. It looks just slightly funky, which is what I was aiming for. And then anything which isn't quite right I can just pretend I meant to do that way. No photo, though, but will take one later in the process. I promise it's not that interesting.

So, on to what came in the post. Two cards - both shown above - one from Anneleise for the International Turtle Day Swap (thanks to Sophie for coming up with great swap themes) and one from Kim for the Under the Sea swap on Fiber PC. And two more things in the post below - some charms in the shape of teabags and a taxi sticker - both for use with the London postcard swap, though the taxi is really too big, so I'm not sure quite what I'm going to do with it. It might end up being used elsewhere or in some other fashion. Like being scanned and reproduced smaller or something. We'll see.

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anne bebbington said...

Sports Day will probably always remain Forts Day in your household. When Sarah was quite tiny she couldn't say strawberries which frustrated her somewhat as she loves them - in our house they get Faw-Faws