Monday, May 21, 2007

Postcard display issues...

Feels like back to normal today - three postcards in the mail (when I don't get any these days, I feel bereft!). I got these two, which are one for the Green & Brown swap, from Evelyn in Germany, who has used all kinds of cool techniques. The one on the right is from Lee, for the EuroSwap Open Theme swap, and is entitled "Spring in Our Garden" - I love the dragonflies, and the way she's used half a flower - not only evocative, but thrifty!

I started working on this today, as there are no pressing postcard deadlines - I have several upcoming swaps, but nothing due this week and the trees and the green and brown are both well in hand. For once I was quite careful about not signing up for too many things due right around a half term holiday - and I'm glad, as we will be up at my MIL's house for at least half the week, with not only no sewing machine, but no computer, too (or is it either)! Anyway, back to "this". This is going to be a wallhanging to hold fabric postcards. I copied the idea from my advent calendar, which is a Meadow Lily Bridge pattern.
This is only about a third of the top, which will hold 48 cards. There are three main sections - two like this one, top and bottom - and then the middle will have a row of three horizontal slots at each edge and 5 columns of 2 vertical slots. For the "photo corners" I am using small swatches of hand-dyed fabrics - the black and grey are also hand-dyes. I debated between using the black or grey where the cream is, but the cream is a little heavier, and I thought would be stronger & hang better. Once the top is assembled, the quilting will be very basic - just a single line in the sashing, probably, just to hold it together. It doesn't need anything fancy, as the cards will be the showoff factor. It will be great to be able to display more than a dozen or so cards at once. I will probably carry on using the kitchen space for the latest selection of cards, and keep some of my favourites in this hanging.
The second picture is just showing three cards stuck into the corners, to show how it works - the beauty of it will be you can so easily change the cards on display - every day if you want to!

I didn't blog this yesterday, as I did them after I'd blogged, but I actually started working on these green & brown postcards, too. The background is a simple weaving of fabric strips in greens and browns, then couched fibres, and some green sequin punch. I want to do lots of French Knots on them, so that will be the next step, in front of the telly. I think I'll do about 8 of them, but only 3 have got to the Knot stage - a few more are woven, but not couched. They aren't due in the post until the 13th of June, so there's time - I might even take them up to my MIL's house with me to do the French Knots - that will give me something to do in the evenings.


Amy said...

Kate, I love your postcard display idea! A friend and I were talking about this at a local quilt show Saturday, and the different ways I could approach the same challenge. It's much nicer than the strips of vinyl pockets that were on display.

Dormouse said...

I'm just popping in while I get the chance. I don't trust that I'll actually be back up and running.

I love your postcard display idea. You have had some stunning postcards too. I'm always amazed at the ideas that people have... so creative.

It's nice to catch up with you again. :)

McIrish Annie said...

Quilting Bebbs sent me your blog site as I have just started a postcard exchange.

Your cards are fabulous!! and the display is a super Idea! have added you to my daily visits.

Karol-Ann said...

Love the sequin punch on your green and brown postcards - very effective.