Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bits and pieces

Here's today's post - didn't think there was anything there at first -a glance through the post wasn't very exciting (though I did finally get my Quilter's Guild Membership card renewal) - then I noticed this little blue chap lying on the mat. Surprisingly, it's not for the Under the Sea swap, it's part of the open swap on EuroQuilt, and is from Nora in Switzerland.

On the right is a quilt I finished a while back, except for the binding, which has been sitting around waiting for me to do for yonks. Finally started it at quilt group Tuesday night and finished it up tonight watching telly. The top is made entirely of hand-dyes, mostly mine, but a few from others in my dyeing group. The back is hand-dyed, too - a single colour, nothing too exciting. And I quilted it myself. So there you go - about as thoroughly my own work as you can get, I guess.

Today I also nearly finished the single Irish chain I'm doing for Lana's customer - two more long rows to stitch on, then just some basting around the outside for stability before longarming (all those bias edges) and trimming the threads. I just keep reminding myself I'm getting paid for this! And I finished edging the turtle postcards, so they can go out tomorrow. Hoorah.


teodo said...

Excuse me if I replay here, but I don't find your
e-mail address.
I've seen you've started to dye. Very good!!!
ciao ciao

Helen in the UK said...

How great to have a quilt you made from your own hand-dyes! Fabulous :)