Friday, August 19, 2011

Handful of ATCs

A few different sets I've worked on lately (or rather, a single representative from the various sets) - the top is for an altered playing card swap; the cards use pages from an old pocket dictionary, letters from a transparency sheet, and other miscellaneous bits of collage, mostly paper.

These were for a book page background swap (i.e. you have to use book pages for the card backgrounds). I decided to use two different pages (Gigi (in French) and Teach Yourself Physics) woven together. I then added images and lettering on top.

This one was for a printed object swap -using different kinds of objects not specifically intended for printing. I used an empty cotton reel, a cotton ball, an empty blister pack from hayfever tablets, a cotton wool ball, the lid of a pen and an old darning foot from my sewing machine.


Jaye said...

Great ideas and Great results with those ideas!!! I may have to "steal" the playing card idea to share with my buddies!!

Lynne said...

They are all so different. I love the simplicity but effectiveness of the printing with found objects.