Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A bit of this and that

Among the things I did today was to add a couple of borders to the blue and brown quilt - I couldn't add a border of the other brown fabric (with the cats) as I didn't have enough of it left, but there was plenty of this one. There is still loads of the blue as well, so it's possible I will use it for a backing, when I get to that point. Not sure there's actually enough for a backing, but with a little creative piecing, I'm sure I can get around that.

I also added another row to the Hawaiian shirt top - definitely better now:

And I attached the other two bits of binding from yesterday - which means I now have 4 quilts of varying sizes waiting to be bound. I would have five, but I finished the little Japanese taupe one tonight - I'll show it later in the week as I haven't taken a photo of it yet and it's too dark now.

Tomorrow I am going to the airport to collect my mother for a visit, so I imagine my quilting time in the upcoming days will be less than at present, but hopefully I'll still get a few bits and pieces in!


Jean C. said...

What about using the cat fabric and the brown for the back?
You have been busy... it's nice to see someone is accomplishing a lot this summer! Thanks for letting me live vicariously!
Enjoy your visit with your mom.

Sarah Craig said...

They're both beautiful, Kate! Love the Hawaiian shirt quilt....

Lynne said...

Both quilts look great.

Have a wonderful time with your mum.

greelyrita said...

ditto Lynne. I typed exactly that and then read hers. ha ha

Angela said...

Just catching up on my blog reading. the shirt quilt looks great with the extra row. Hope you are having a great time with your Mum :0)