Sunday, August 21, 2011

Flowers in progress

A new work in progress today, but one which has a designated purpose - Geoff's boss is leaving later this year, and this will be a leaving gift for her. It will be 24" square and yes, I've made more of the African Violet blocks I did for the August block lotto. The largest one (bottom right) is a 12" block, the others vary - there's a 9", an 8", four 6" blocks and so far, five 4" blocks. The rest of the fill will be seven 3" blocks. (Yes, they are fiddly, but I think it will be worth it.) Luckily for me, the instructions for the lotto blocks included lots of different sizes, so I didn't even have to think very hard about it! (Not the 3" block, though, I had to figure that one out myself.)

Some careful research (in the form of Geoff emailing her PA) determined that Lynne likes pink and yellow together and isn't fond of blue, so pink and yellow it was - not a complicated colour theme... and I had just enough of the green left from the border & binding of my autumn sampler quilt to do the background with. And I mean that literally - I think there was about a 3x4" rectangle left when I'd cut all the background squares!

I may change the layout around, of course - this is just a rough draft.


sophie said...

I want to do something like this, with a bunch of different-sized blocks. Kudos to you--you made all the math work out ... and even made itty bitty 3 inch blocks.

Unknown said...

I really like this Kate - having followed your links to the instructions they look like a good project to build on quickly - love your (and her ) colour choices - I'm sure she will be absolutely delighted with the finished gift

Lynne said...

That will be a lovely gift.