Tuesday, August 31, 2010

SAHR update

A few more updates for the SAHR - just as well as tomorrow, I will publish step 3 (whee!). This lovely piece above was made by Kathy, who blogged about it here.

Benta has decided to join us, and submits this very nice black, white and red combo for her first two blocks.

Vero has also decided to play along, and has produced a nice pair of blocks, with a special piece of fabric.

And Julie has also decided to join us - and has blogged about her blocks, amidst some other fun stuff...

If you are interested in joining, it's not too late - the first two blocks are quite small, and even tomorrow's (Sept's) block won't take a huge amount of time. Just send me a photo or photos when you've done your blocks - or a link to where you've blogged them.


Julie said...

This is growing like Topsy (as they say) I love Kathy's circles but they're all lovely.

Janet said...

Love them all. they're all so different. I'm excited for the next step.

Gene Black said...

Kate, Kate,
I am late!

Mine are now posted at