Tuesday, August 10, 2010

SAHR Update...

So, round two's assignment was to add a piece, 4x6" (finished) to the side of the starting block. Here's my piece - two batik & black free pieced flying geese.

And here it is attached to the starting block (And yes, I admit to cheating a little by making mine in July, as I knew I'd be away from home in August - I'm sure you'll all forgive me...)

Some other people have also added their next sections while I've been busy on holiday:

This is Betsy's starter block with second section.

Here are Janet's first two blocks - if you read her blog post about this, you'll see how her first block actually became her second block - which is fine - after all, this will be your quilt, so you should do what works for you!

Plum says about her block for this month that she has taken me at my word and left some blank space, for later embellishments - there will definitely be some applique, embroidery and embellishment tasks later, so this is a good idea!

Kathy has decided to join us, with this starting block - she's working on her number two block and I'm looking forward to seeing it as the first one is great!

And Toni has also jumped in, doing both the July and August blocks for her piece. Welcome to Toni!


Gina said...

Great blocks so far

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Toni said...

I've join along as well and have both pieces done! :) Anxiously awaiting September's directions! :)

Amanda said...

Hi Kate, I've just blogged block 2 over on viewfromourhill.blogspot.com