Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Stay at Home Robin, Step 3

Here's what you all may have been waiting for (or not!) - step 3. This month's instruction is to add a strip, 10x3" (finished size) to the top of the two previous blocks. Alternatively, you could add it to the bottom. I can't show a photo of my virtual quilt because my big laptop is off being repaired (again, grrr.) and although I have the actual EQ file on a flash drive, my little laptop doesn't have EQ installed on it, so I can't get at it to take the snapshots (no CD drive on the little laptop - it's a netbook). So instead, I've just done my actual quilt a little earlier. I'm going to change the squished, wonky green circle - partly, it needs another colour in that spot, and partly, it's squished and wonky, but essentially, here's what I'm doing. Ta da!


Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

Hi, thanks for letting me play. I'm learning about quilting * and* blogging so can I ask two questions?

Does finished size mean " the size it will be when we've finished joining stuff to it"? Of " when you've finished making this block"

Also your comment intro asks tat we don't set our settings to no reply. I've had people comment that I'm hard to reply to, but I can't find the setting that you refer to, can you tell me where to find it?

Thanks. Love the circles by the way:-)

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

*or* not of!!!!
*that* not tat

Gene Black said...

Okay...maybe I can be early on this one! ha ha.

Janet said...

Oh thoughts have been sort of I have to think about this....that's the challenge though, isn't it? love this SAHR so far.....yea.

Julie said...

Thanks Kate, time to get the thinking cap on :)

Gene Black said...

Wooooo boy! I got on this one right away. My round three additions are posted at

I did some new techniques (new to me anyway)

Plum Cox said...

I've added mine on now.

Yours looks lovely, Kate - and I would have thought that the circle was artistically squished, not an error!