Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Block Sets - January

As it's a new year, and as I didn't do much sewing in the latter half of 2016, I thought this was a good time to take stock of the blocks I have hanging about waiting to have something done to them. Here they all are on my dining room table - looks kind of crazy, I know.  There are twelve different sets of blocks, though some of them have a lot of blocks and will make multiple tops. And some of them are small and may be turned into larger blocks before using.

Here they are a bit more organised - and here's what you are looking at:

Top right: 8" rail fence variation blocks (33)
Top middle: 6x9" birds on blue sky background (42)
Top right small pics (upper): 8" brown, pink, red bordered Red Riding Hood blocks (20); 8.5" batik chunky pinwheels (18)
Top right small pics (lower): 4" 3 patch blocks (2 squares, one rectangle) (155) - these will almost certainly have something else done to them before being used; 7" neutral bordered wonky 4 patch blocks (36)
Bottom right: 8.5" aqua Roman stripe blocks (30)
Bottom middle: 12" circular flying geese blocks (9)
Bottom right small pics (upper): 6.5x8.5" rectangular log cabin blocks (90); 4.5" Christmas four patch (84)
Bottom right small pics (lower): 8" string blocks (90); 6.5" scrappy rail fence blocks (48)

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Sharon W. said...

Oh my goodness I just wish I could send some border fabric for those block sets! I have been rummaging and sorting, and I know I have some pieces that would work. Is there a way to send them as donations????