Monday, January 02, 2017

Block lotto Hearts

Having managed to sneak in at the very very last minute for December's Block Lotto, I decided January would go the opposite way (that and the fact that I actually have one more day of holiday before going back to work, so actually had time to sew again). So, here are four scrappy heart blocks for January's lotto. (If you want to make some of these blocks, either for the Lotto or for yourself, the pattern can be found here...)

I made them using "made fabric"  - the rectangles below are the red "fabric" that I used to make the simple hearts above. The heart pattern itself is very quick and easy, but of course stitching the small scraps together to make the red made fabric takes a bit of time.  Anyway, they are cute, and whether I win or not, it's always fun to take part.


Laura Bender said...

Would you be willing to give the directions for your scrappy heart block? I really love the way it looks.
Thank you,

Kate North said...

Hi Laura - the directions for the block can be found on the Block Lotto website: Have fun!