Tuesday, January 20, 2015

First of the Red Borders

Using up a piece of red border fabric - It's like a Hawaiian shirt print, with surfboards and palm trees and whatnot. I had enough to border three small quilt tops, so here's the first of the lot, I didn't manage to make it to the Farnham Maltings Quilt Show and Fabric Sale this year, which is where I usually buy a lot of sale priced fabric to use as quilt borders for charity quilts (and backings for my own quilts), so 2015 will be a very good exercise in using up what I've bought previously!

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Lynne said...

Most of the fabric in my sewing room is not mine. Nonetheless, I can't see me using it all up for quite a few years. I acquired no fabric of my own in 2014 and plan only to buy what I need for projects in hand in 2015 -- if I ever get around to making some of my own projects!